Professional Development Resources

Past webinar recordings and slides

Below are links to past webinars hosted by WIRV that you may re-watch. Where available, copies of slides are also available for download.

16 November 2021
Case Study: Steller Group Receivership with Matthew Hutton and Daniel Power of McGrathNicol
Case study on the Steller Group Receivership, the events leading up to the insolvency, the highlights and challenges of the receivership and the strategic considerations of selling approximately $300 million of property assets under the Receivers’ control whilst managing competing interests and claims.

21 October 2021
Bankruptcy: A case study with Alice Ruhe of SMB Advisory and Radhika Kanhai of Cornwalls
Case study on the complexities of bankruptcy, with matters including constructive and resulting trusts, extension of caveat, the presumption of advancement, complex income assessments, public examinations, conduct review and dealing with other insolvency practitioners.

5 October 2021
An Overview of the Debt Restructuring and Simplified Liquidation Processes for Small Businesses with Matthew McCarthy (Allens)
Overview of debt restructuring and simplified liquidation processes for small businesses.

2 September 2021 
Industry Insights with Gayle Dickerson, Emily Seeckts, Sarah Arnfield and Heile Clark of KPMG Restructuring
Discussion on the insolvency market and economic distress indicators before providing key insights across the hospitality & tourism, aged care and retail sectors.

29 July 2021
Litigation Funding with FEG with Stephen Humphreys (FEG) and Louisa Sijabat (Vincents Accountants)
Case study and practical guide to both getting funded by, and working with, FEG.

23 June 2021
Cant v Mad Bros – Recent developments in unfair preferences with Stephen Palmer (Svenson Barristers)
Recent developments in the law relating to unfair preference payment claims involving payments by third parties to creditors of insolvent companies.

12 May 2021 
Interview Techniques: Questioning styles, effectiveness and the PEACE model with Thomas Caldow and Peter Andersen (Grant Thornton)
Soft skill session focusing on basic interview techniques and styles, with practical application for members of the insolvency fraternity.

25 February 2021
COVID Safe Workplaces: Considerations for Insolvency Practitioners with Andrew Brooks (Law Squared)
Insights into responsibilities and considerations for appointees to a company that has an office or other workspace.